Frequently Asked Questions

This web guide was created out of a frustration of not being able to find web sites from local web developers - professional as well as hobby sites. So I thought I would do something about it myself, (with your help of course). Hopefully this site will provide an ideal outlet for your creative talents to be shown to the world, (well, in Broken Hill at least).

Any web site or page that has a connection with Broken Hill and/or surrounding areas. Especially hobby sites from locals that normally don't get much traffic due to lack of promotion or advertising. Business sites are also welcome, though I would request that the site description is limited to the site and business, rather than any products or services it may offer. Having said that I do realise that it may not always be possible to submit the nature of your business without some form of product/services promotion. If you are unsure, try me. At the very worst I will just email you explaining why I don't agree with your submission and then we can work on a more acceptable version.

Just an amateur web designer with too much time on his hands.

How Much?
Its free. It's just hosted on my personal web space and is very small so I can spare the web space it requires. And besides, nobody in their right mind would pay to have their web site listed here.

How Will My Site Be Listed?
I will list it under the category that you nominate, if possible. If none of the categories seem to fit your site, select the closest match and fill the box in with a suggestion of your own. Sites will be listed in the order I receive them, though I reserve the right to rotate them occasionally. If your site fits more than one category you may nominate a second, but I shall be the final judge of whether it is listed twice.

What Is My Role?
You don't have to do anything once your site is listed. It would be appreciated if you could inform me if you change the URL to your site or if you delete your site, so that I may update or remove any dead links.

Do I Have To Link To This Site?
No, but you may if you wish. A bit of promotion (email, word of mouth) would help this site and as such would benefit your site as well, so any support would be appreciated, but please don't feel obligated.

Small Rock
Feel free to use this image to link to this site.


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