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Broken Hill has many wonderful sights to offer to the visitor, both in the flesh and via the web. This site was created to bring together many of the web sites associated with Broken Hill and its surrounding areas. The following guide contains not only sites that feature this remote outback location, but also sites designed and produced by residents of this proud city.

Doug's Heavy Metal Gallery
Tanks, Carriers, Armoured Cars! Why on earth old Army Tanks? It's a question I have been asked more than once and really there is no simple reason. It's a bit like why do people collect anything? What pleasure do people get from having a collection of coke cans? Or car hub caps, or any of the other endless possibilities out there?............

Yarracully Kennels
A comprehensive source of information on one of Australia's own breed of dogs, the Tenterfield Terrier. Site owned and operated by local breeder, David Hamilton.

Wombat Creek
A site full of 1000's of text jokes, ideal for cutting and pasting into your emails.

Ian Cremmins
I made this page to just centralise some of the stuff i have done in regard to web pages and graphic type work or fun that i have done with the program Photoimpact 6

Mario Demarco
Links to web pages I have created for my TAFE courses

Pet Memorial
Welcome to the Pet Memorial, the place where you can leave your fond memories and thoughts of your pet for all the world to see, you can send us a photo of your pet or just some kind loving thoughts, or both we welcome all submissions.

Australian Amateur Radio
Australian Amateur Radio & General Spectrum Information Local info etc. Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia. VK's on the Internet. "What's New" on this site etc. Updated regularly! Australian Amateur Radio Repeater Maps 10m, 6m, 2m,70cm, 23cm & ATV repeaters - State by State. World Amateur Maps Country by country listings of Callsigns etc. & UTC offset chart VK/General Amateur Info Oz Amateur freq's (sorted by License Class) & 27MHz / UHF CB,Oz Amateur Callsigns, Emission Designations, Australian Amateur Radio FAQ, Marine listings etc. Software Radio related software ready to download.

Adult Education Class led by Ian Cremmins
Captain Charles Napier Sturt, of the 39th Regiment, arrived at Sydney in 1827 he was very interested in exploration and wanted to explore the unknown Australian interior. It was around then that the Darling River was named after the then Governor of New South Wales, Sir Ralph Darling, around the towns of Brewarrina and Bourke, formed the opinion that the river turned Westward toward an inland sea.

Solving An Argument
Sometime in your life you will need to solve an argument in one way or another,whether it be over some miniscule point or a major topic it is my aim to assist you in winning this argument or solving it without there being any doubt as to whom has won it.

Joe's Pizza & Ribs
Pigs Ears with Pasta $18.00 Codswallop $18.00 Stuffed Pasta $16.00 Critter Pasta $11.00 Dogs Nuts Pasta $9.00 Water Melon Pasta $10.00 EXTRA'S: Anchovies $2.00 Cheese $2.00 Mushrooms $2.00 Olives $2.00 Salami $2.00 Fingernails $2.00 Garlic Bread $2.00 Fish eyes $2.00 Ham $2.00 DELIVERY $3.50

Busharti Art Gallery
Busharti Gallery is a small gallery situated in Broken Hill NSW. We cater to the local artists who wish to display or sell their work, we like to show the varied styles and medium used in Broken Hill and want you to contact us on any subject concerning the art in Broken Hill.

The Seven Dwarfs
Home, About Me, Dwarf History, Snow White, Wicked Witch, Links

Goonkies Inc.
You are at this page because you have a goonky and you want to get rid of it, well you have come to the right place, but first we must ascertain what sort of Goonky you have, please refer to the guide below then choose from the drop down box at the lower left of this page the category of Goonky you have.

Vacation around Australia, including Broken Hill. A personal site by a German tourist who has returned home and documented his travels around the world. Only available in German but has a lot of pictures and enough English to get around the site with a basic understanding of it. Quite a large section on Broken Hill.

Broken Downs - The Alternate History of the Barrier Silver Field
In the days of old when "outback" meant "behind the shed", a huge heap of mullock was discovered by a boundary rider known as Rasping Charles (he had one heck of a cough). He and "Chainsaw" McCulloch pegged their claim on what became known as "Broken Downs", near the small township of Underumbrella...


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