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Wombat Creek
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Free Sex

Two good ol' boys were driving down the road when they noticed they needed some gas. They started looking for a gas station when they saw a sign that read "Free Sex with Fill up."

They decided to pull in and told the attendant to, "fill 'er up."

After he was done the attendant went to the window and said that it would be $18.00 for the gas.

They paid and as the attendant started to walk away the driver yelled "What about my free sex?".

The attendant rolled his eyes and went to the window and said, "OK, but you will have to guess a number between 1 and 10'.

The driver said, "6."

The attendant said "No, the answer was 3, sorry."

As the attendant started to walk off the passenger said, "Give me a try."

The attendant said "OK."

The passenger said, "7."

And the attendant said "No, I told you the answer was 3."

The driver then sped off and the passenger looked over and said, "I think that game was rigged, there is no way to win."

To which the driver replied, "Uh, Uh, my wife won three times last week."